Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meaford Harbour Complex

We woke up to a dreary, drizzly day.  Had a breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Checked in with D & S, they wanted to get packed up and headed for home by 11 am.  So we did the same.

I went over to the Harbour Masters office and paid for our 2 days and got some literature and contact info for when we come back next summer.

This was our view out the front window all the way home…    D & S led the way….   







Those were the only pictures we took today.   They are available on our FLICKR site if you want to see them again.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meaford Harbour Complex

We started out the day by sleeping in and having a late breakfast.  D & S wanted to go and buy fresh apples and they invited us to come along.  The Meaford area is known for its apple orchards.

We stopped at B & B Orchards, a very popular apple stand.

IMG_3930 IMG_3931

We then went to the Meaford Factory Outlet.  This is a large bargain warehouse full of anything and everything you could want.  We bought a couple of things for the motorhome and had a bite of lunch.

We decided to drive around a bit and go to check out another campground that is in Meaford.  This is the Meaford Memorial Park.  Very nice and they have some sites right on the water.  The water levels on Georgian Bay are very low as you can see in these photos.

IMG_3933 IMG_3946

I think if I was to come back I would want a waterfront site.

IMG_3933a IMG_3951

Site 3 looks nice.

IMG_3953 IMG_3952

Driving around town we could not help but notice that Meaford has been invaded with Scarecrows.  They are everywhere.

IMG_3955 IMG_3958

Every year from mid September till the end of October, everyone in the town participates and decorates their yards and the downtown.

IMG_3968 IMG_4025

I was telling D & S about the app that I have on my iPhone that tells me what roadside attractions are in the area.  They were curious so off we go to the “Worlds Largest Porch Swing”  The seat is 36 ft long.

IMG_4009 IMG_4014

The man who built the porch swing came out to talk to us.


The next roadside attraction is at “Beautiful Joe Park”  Beautiful Joe was a dog from Meaford who’s owner abused it, inspiring Margaret Marshall Sanders to write a book about animal cruelty and raising public awareness of the problem.

IMG_3973 IMG_3971a

IMG_3977 IMG_3975

There is also a 9/11 memorial in the park honouring the search and rescue dogs.

IMG_3981a IMG_3982

Also there is a Police Canine Memorial.

IMG_3996 IMG_3998

When we got back to our motorhomes we had our social hour and bbq’d steaks for dinner.   The Canadian Coast Guard vessel “Westfort” is stationed here in the Port of Meaford.


To see all of the photos we took today, please click on this link to our FLICKR site.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Meaford Harbour Complex

Friday evening, after work, we are pulling out of the driveway and heading for Meaford Ontario.

It is a 93 KM drive to this campground.  We are going to meet our friends D & S there.

I have been to Meaford many times by boat, but this will be the first time by land.   We arrived around 6:30 pm in time for a fall sunset.

We are parked right on the waterfront.  Lots of boats have been hauled out for the winter.

IMG_3918 IMG_3920

The Canadian Coast Guard has a station here in the harbour.

IMG_3919 IMG_3921

More sunset.

IMG_3923 IMG_3924

Here we are parked beside D & S.  They towed their car behind their motorhome.  We need to set up our car for towing behind our motorhome, but for now we can hitch a ride with them if we need to go anywhere.

We have noticed that all motorhome rv’ers have stuffed mascots that they display on their window dash when they are set up in camp.  We have our mascots proudly displayed.


We drove in D & S’s car the short distance to the main street of Meaford and had dinner at the Leeky Canoe.  Very delicious and we would eat here again. 

Leeky Canoe

After dinner we returned to the motorhomes.  D & S joined us for a few after dinner drinks before they went next door for the evening.   A little chilly this evening so I plugged in a couple of electric heaters and we are toasty warm.  No sense running the propane furnace since we are plugged into 30 amp hydro.   There was another 5th wheel that parked further along past us in the parking area here, but essentially we have the place to ourselves.

To see all of our photos from today, you can find them on our FLICKR site.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend at Highland Pines Campground

Today we slept in.  We have had a great first weekend in our motorhome and enjoyed the company of P & J.

We learnt a lot about the motorhome, things we need, things that need fixing / improving.  It was a good first run.

P & J are packing up and so are we.  We take one last walk around the campground and then head out.

IMG_3910 IMG_3911

We follow them as we head for home. 


We stopped at the corner of Hwy 9 & 89 for a break at Pete’s Donuts… lots of home baked goodies here.

We are already looking forward to next weekend and heading off again in our Motorhome.

To see all of our photos from today, you can find them on our FLICKR site.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend at Highland Pines Campground

We got to sleep in late today.  The new bed is very comfortable.   The first thing on the agenda was breakfast.  Then we got the awning out and set up our site.


We barbequed hot dogs for lunch and then went for a nice walk around the campground with P & J and her granddaughters.


You can see it is a chilly weekend because we are all wearing winter coats.  I brought my long winter coat and was toasty warm on our walk.


There is a nice Airstream trailer on one of the sites.  Had we been looking for a travel trailer, I am sure we would have bought an Airstream.  Remember we stayed in one during our last visit to South Padre Island in Texas.


P & J had enough of walking so they headed back to their 5th wheel trailer while Karen and I continued onwards.  We walked down to the beach area.  Lots of beach and not much water.

IMG_3896 IMG_3897

IMG_3902 IMG_3904

Back at our motorhome, we were invited to share in the left overs from last nights feast and we enjoyed our time around the campfire while enjoying a couple of drinks.   Despite the cold, it was a great day with no rain.

IMG_3906 IMG_3909

To see all of our photos from today, you can find them on our FLICKR site.

This is a site map of the campground.  We were in site P-14