Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 14 Texas Vacation Xmas 2008

Today is Friday January 2 2009

Again we are awake early and have a quick breakfast at the hotel and took a look at the weather forecast back home. That ice storm is still not due to arrive until Sunday, so I want to keep heading North as quickly as possible and try and be home by Saturday evening.

First stop was to get some fuel in Arkadelphia Arkansas, then we continued on through Little Rock AR and West Memphis AR until just before the Missouri border where we bought more fuel in Blytheville AR. It wasn’t long before we were out of Missouri and entering Illinois. We stopped for more fuel in Montrose IL. and then pushed on towards Terre Haute Indiana. That is where we called it a day and found a hotel for the night. I achieved my goal of getting us as far as Indiana, and as luck would have it, right across the road from the hotel is a Baskin Robins, a great reward for a long day of driving.

This was a 1000 KM day which is about 600 miles.

Tomorrow if the weather holds off we will be home.

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