Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 60 Summer 2010 Park to Park Road Trip

We are heading for home, our summer vacation is almost over.  We are leaving Springfield Illinois and driving as far as Kalamazoo Michigan. 
We saw wind turbines near Odell IL.
6819  I-55 wind turbines near Odell IL6821  I-55 wind turbines near Odell IL
In Michigan there is a lighthouse at the Michigan Welcome Center
6851 I-94 Michigan Welcome Center MI6859  I-94 Michigan Welcome Center MI6853  I-94 Michigan Welcome Center MI
We arrived in Kalamazoo Michigan where we will stay the night at The Best Western.
Sorry that there isn’t much to write about, but when we get this close to home, the focus becomes more and more on getting home and less and less on being a tourist.

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