Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 3 Florida Winter Vacation 2010

Today was a bright sunny day and it even warmed up to 19 degrees Celsius.

After breakfast we drove about 10 miles to visit “The Coral Castle”  Built in the 1920’s for his girlfriend who left him standing at the alter, this has now become a popular tourist attraction.  To think that he built this by hand is quite remarkable.  Click on the link above to learn more about the castle.

6931 Coral Castle Homestead FL6933 Coral Castle Homestead FL6936 Coral Castle Homestead FL

6942 Coral Castle Homestead FL6946 Coral Castle Homestead FL6949 Coral Castle Homestead FL

We came back to our hotel room after our visit to the castle and had some lunch, then headed back out for an ice cream dessert at the local Stone Cold Creamery.

6960a Cold Stone Creamery Cutler Bay FL Bill's ghirardelli chocolate & Karen's ghirardelli chocolate & pistachio

We found a nearby park to go for a walk.

7009 Cutler Bay  FL walk

Along the walk we encountered this rather interesting mailbox.. very fitting for Florida.

6961 Cutler Bay FL walk

There was a small lake with a beach in the park and we enjoyed watching and photographing the birds.

6969 Cutler Bay  FL walk

The Muscovy Ducks were very tame and came very close to us.

6972 Cutler Bay  FL walk domestic Muscovy Duck6975 Cutler Bay  FL walk domestic Muscovy Duck

Then an American Coot came swimming towards the beach.

6976 Cutler Bay  FL walk American Coot7004 Cutler Bay  FL walk American Coot

A couple of White Ibises then came ashore eventually joined by several more.

6980 Cutler Bay  FL walk White Ibises6981 Cutler Bay  FL walk White Ibis

Out on the lake there was the sound of a honking goose.. this is a Domestic Goose.  He swam closer and closer and eventually came out of the water to walk on the beach.

6984 Cutler Bay  FL walk Domestic Goose6985 Cutler Bay  FL walk Domestic Goose6995 Cutler Bay  FL walk Domestic Goose

This is a juvenile White Ibis.

6989 Cutler Bay  FL walk juvenile White Ibis7006 Cutler Bay  FL walk juvenile White Ibis

Adult White Ibises.

7005 Cutler Bay  FL walk White Ibises6994 Cutler Bay  FL walk white ibises

The palm trees in the neighbourhood were decorated with red ribbons.

7010 Cutler Bay  FL walk7008 Cutler Bay  FL walk7012 Cutler Bay  FL walk

Back at the hotel we sat outside and read our books and enjoyed the warmth and sunshine.

7015 Bill outside our hotel room Florida City FL

I had a little nap and then it was time for dinner.

We went to the local IHOP for dinner.

If you wish to see all the photos from today you can click on this link to my FLICKR site.

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