Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 3 Texas Vacation Xmas 2011


We are awake by 6:30am Christmas morning, I set up our Christmas tree and got a nice fire going in the fireplace. 

5742 Christmas morning

We quickly had some breakfast and exchange our Christmas gifts to each other.

5747 Christmas morning - Karen 5749 Christmas morning -Bill

Then it was “dash away, dash away, dash away all” because we have 1000 KM to cover today to get us near Dallas TX.

We started out by heading West on I-40 towards Memphis TN.  The Interstate is empty this morning so we are making good time, but had to slow down for the elephant crossing the road.

5753 Tennessee  - I-40 West 5751 Tennessee, Nashville 5760 Tennessee  - I-40 West

Past Memphis, we crossed into the State of Arkansas.  I never realized that part of Memphis (West Memphis) is in Arkansas

5767 Arkansas -  I-40 - Welcome sign 5776 Arkansas, West Memphis- I-40 West - West Memphis water tower 

We saw flocks of migrating birds as we continued along our way.

5777 Arkansas - I-40 - flock of birds 5778 Arkansas - I-40 - flock of birds 5779 Arkansas - I-40 - flock of birds (snow geese maybe)

Nice blue sky as we crossed over the Arkansas River.

5782 Arkansas - I-440 West - Arkansas River

As we drove through Texarkana we cross over the State Line into Texas.  It is kind of obvious that you have entered Texas when you see these plaques on the bridges.

5790 Texas, Texarkana - bridges over I-30 5791 Texas, Texarkana - bridges over I-30 5796 Texas, Texarkana - bridges over I-30

We saw another large flock of birds heading somewhere.

5799 Texas - I-30 - flock of birds 5800 Texas - I-30 - flock of birds

We are staying tonight in Garland Texas, just outside of Dallas Texas.  The local Denny’s is open Christmas Day so we each enjoyed a Christmas Turkey dinner.   Early to bed tonight because tomorrow we have to be up early for our final day of driving.

To see all of the photos from today you can click on this link to our FLICKR site.

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