Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 11 Texas Vacation Xmas 2011

We slept in this morning, but eventually got up to get the day started. 

It is a beautiful sunny day after yesterdays rains and high winds.  The winds are dying down and the sun is out and the sky is blue.  Another beautiful day here at the South Padre Island KOA.  

We are enjoying our vacation in the KOA Airstream.  The KOA has this one Airstream for rent, plus they have some large waterfront Kabins and some smaller Kabins that are not on the waterfront, plus they have 2 Condo apartments above the general office.  So if you don’t own an RV you can still rent a unit from the KOA and still enjoy everything that the Kampground has to offer.

There are actually lots of places to stay on the Island, just about every hotel chain is represented here.  The Day’s Inn is renting rooms for $24.99 per night.  Karen and I stopped by to take a look.  The rooms have been freshly painted, there is a fridge and microwave in the room.  The floors are tile,  there is a pool, hot tub and free breakfast every morning.  The TV was an older tube style, but for $24.99 per night I don’t think you could find a cheaper place to stay.  Although it was quiet while we were there, I suspect that since the price is so cheap, that this place is probably occupied and noisy, with late teens, or 20’s partying hard kids, as it would suit their budgets more than the $50 to $100.00 per night hotels.   I happened to notice the population sign today and the population for South Padre Island is 1752 people. 

So today I had planned on driving our car down onto the beach, but that plan was quickly aborted when I saw the condition of the beach.  Yesterdays high winds and pounding surf has torn up the beach to the point that only a crazy fool and a 4 wheel vehicle would take the chance to drive along the beach.  There is still way to much surf washing up on the beach and it will take a few calm days and lots of vehicle traffic to get the sand packed down again enough for me to be confident that we wouldn’t get stuck somewhere.  Tows off the beach are probably not covered by CAA and I can’t imagine that it would be cheap if we did get stuck and have to pay.   You either pay the asking price for a tow or watch your car being swallowed up by the high tide.

6662 Texas, South Padre Island - Beach Access #5 Edwin King Atwood Park 6664 Texas, South Padre Island - Beach Access #5 Edwin King Atwood Park - Gulf of Mexico

We did drive North on Padre Blvd as far as the road block, we did encounter some drifting white stuff, but it wasn’t snow, it was sand.

6665 Texas, South Padre Island - Watch For Sand Drifts On Pavement sign 6670 Texas, South Padre Island - Beach Access #6 - Gulf of Mexico 6669 Texas, South Padre Island - Beach Access #6 - end of road

We parked the car on the pavement and walked down to the beach.  You wouldn’t know it was so windy until you get right down to the sea shore.

6670 Texas, South Padre Island - Beach Access #6 - Gulf of Mexico 6672 Texas, South Padre Island - Beach Access #6 - Bill & Gulf of Mexico 6676 Texas, South Padre Island - Beach Access #6 - Karen & Gulf of Mexico

We decided to go across the Queen Isabella Causeway to the mainland town of Port Isabel.  Karen had noticed some dolphin statues around the town and she wanted to photograph as many as she could find.  Here are a couple of samples.  Local artists have painted these fiberglass statues.  I doubt we found them all, but we did find quite a few.

6681 Texas, Port Isabel - dolphin statue 'Race The Wind' 6709 Texas, Port Isabel - Pirate's Landing dolphin statue 6729 Texas, Port Isabel - Beulah Lee Park - dolphin statues

We also walked out onto the Pirates Pier.  If you have been following our blog, you will have seen photos of a pirate ship, well this is the Pier where that ship ties up to.  There are lots of pirates on the pier to meet and greet you.

6714 Texas, Port Isabel - Pirate's Landing 6701 Texas, Port Isabel - Pirate's Landing 6720 Texas, Port Isabel - Pirate's Landing

There were even a couple of pirates that looked surprisingly like Karen and I.  Pirates probably never wore glasses though.

6704 Texas, Port Isabel - Karen at Pirate's Landing 6706 Texas, Port Isabel - Bill at Pirate's Landing

After our visit to Port Isabel we drove back over the causeway and back to the KOA Kampground.  It was another lovely sunset tonight.  I lit the BBQ and while I was tending to the steak and potatoes on the grill, Karen walked over to the sunset deck and snapped a few photos of the sun going down.
This is the sunset deck.

6770 Texas, South Padre Island - KOA Kampground sunset deck 6771 Texas, South Padre Island - KOA Kampground sunset deck 6772 Texas, South Padre Island - KOA Kampground sunset deck

This is one of the waterfront Kabins I was telling you about earlier.  You have a beautiful sunset from your own private front deck every evening.

6774 Texas, South Padre Island - KOA Kampground - Waterfront Deluxe Cabins

And of course, the sun set.

6783 Texas, South Padre Island - KOA Kampground sunset 6812 Texas, South Padre Island - KOA Kampground sunset 6820 Texas, South Padre Island - KOA Kampground sunset

Tonight I BBQ'ed a steak, this was my first attempt at BBQ’ing a steak and it turned out delicious.  Of course none of this would be possible without my iPhone BBQ Grill Time App.

To see all of our photos from today you can find them by following the link to our FLICKR site.

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