Friday, September 28, 2012

We Bought It !

We finally found and bought ourselves a Motor Home !   No more hotels for us while we travel.  Instead we will be travelling in style, or as it says above the windshield..  “Travelling With Flair”    This is our “New” to us ..  31ft Fleetwood Flair.


The first thing we did after picking up the unit and before even bringing it home, was to stop at Barber and Haskill’s in Midland and leave them with the old mattress and purchase a brand new mattress.


The motorhome fits in the driveway nicely beside my school bus.


Here are some more interior photos.

IMG_361 IMG_362 IMG_364

On Oct 2, I will take the Motor Home to A-1 Auto/RV Cleaning in Midland and have the interior completely detailed, steam cleaning the carpet and the upholstery and wiping all surfaces and cleaning in all cupboards and drawers.

We want to start off sparkling clean before we start loading anything onboard.

There isn’t much of the season left to get out and enjoy our new purchase, but we do have a few weekends to do some short trips before we have to put the motor home away for the winter.

To see some other photos that I took today, you can find them on the FLICKR page.

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