Friday, June 28, 2013

Laurel Creek Conservation Area St Jacobs

Today is the first day of our 2 month summer vacation.

We will be travelling to various locations around Ontario this summer in our motorhome.  Our first destination is the area around St Jacobs Ontario.

We set off from home around 10 am.

Karen is following in the car so that we have a vehicle with us to do some sight seeing.  You really need a car with you when you travel like this, otherwise all you see is the campground you are parked in.  Unfortunately we do not have the car set up for towing behind the motorhome yet, so Karen has to drive the car.
As you can see in the photos, it is raining as we head to St Jacobs.

4730 on route to Laurel Creek 4731 on route to Laurel Creek

This is the route that we took.


We prefer the more scenic, slower back roads when we travel.

4732 Crossland Rd on route to Laurel Creek 4733 on route to Laurel Creek

What is the hurry, we are on vacation and it is much more relaxing on these roads.

4735 on route to Laurel Creek

I have to pull over a bit to get past a horse and buggy.  You wont see a sight like this out on the 400 or 401.

4738 Hwy 6 on route to Laurel Creek - horse and buggy 4739 Hwy 6 on route to Laurel Creek - horse and buggy

Driving through the little town of Arthur ON.

4741 Hwy 6 going through Arthur on route to Laurel Creek 4742 Hwy 6 going through Arthur on route to Laurel Creek

We arrive at Laurel Creek Conservation Area where we will be staying for the next 4 days.

4744 turning into Laurel Creek Conservation Area 4746 Laurel Creek Conservation Area sign

Laurel Creek is one of several campgrounds in the Grand River Conservation Authority.

4747 Laurel Creek Conservation Area 4751 Laurel Creek Conservation Area - arriving at Gatehouse

We got checked in at the gate and assigned to our site. 

4753 Laurel Creek Conservation Area - Gatehouse

We are in site 62.  We got set up and settled in for the evening.

4762 Laurel Creek Conservation Area - site 62

To see all of our photos from today, you can find them on our FLICKR site.

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