Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 3 Texas Vacation Xmas 2008

Today is Monday December 22 2008

We woke up early this morning and turned on the weather channel to see what the forecast is for today. The weather channel is still calling for freezing rain this morning, but I went outside to check and the pavement was dry, and I thought we should get going before the freezing rain started. My thinking was the further south we can get, the less chance of running into freezing rain. We did encounter a little bit of drizzle and freezing rain, but the roads were staying dry. You could see the accumulation of ice on the trees and wires, but the roads were fine.

We have 800 KM to travel today and then we will be on South Padre Island.

We stopped for lunch in Refugio Texas and also filled the car up with gas.

We got to the causeway that goes from the mainland to South Padre Island around 4pm. It is still cool, only about 10 degrees Celsius and it is foggy. I guess the temperature difference between the ocean and the air is what causes this fog.

5051 Causeway South Padre Island Texas 5055 Causeway South Padre Island Texas

We found our hotel easy enough, there is only one main street straight up the middle of the Island.

We are both tired from the long drive of the last 3 days, so we decided to save the exploration of the Island till tomorrow and we just went to Pizza Hut for dinner and Dairy Queen for dessert.

You can see the photos that I took today on my FLICKR site

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