Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 13 Summer 2011 Road Trip

We have a short drive today from Huntsville Alabama to Ringgold Georgia.  We headed out on US 72 East, otherwise known as the “Trail of Tears”.

8532 US- 72 East, Trail of Tears Corridor, Alabama - US-72 East sign 8537 US-72 East , Trail of Tears Corridor, Alabama - Trail of Tears Corridor sign

I think we have made a wrong turn somewhere because suddenly we are in Hollywood.

8542 US-72 East ,Trail of Tears Corridor, Alabama - Hollywood

We passed by a large Nuclear Facility.  “Bellefonte Nuclear Plant”.

8543 US-72 East ,Trail of Tears Corridor, Alabama - Bellefonte Nuclear Plant sign 8544 US-72 East ,Trail of Tears Corridor, Alabama - Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

We see a billboard for an attraction we are going to visit during our stay in Ringgold GA.

8549 US-72 East ,Trail of Tears Corridor, Alabama - See Rock City sign

We bounce back and forth across the Georgia and Tennessee State lines several times.

8553 US-72 East ,Tennessee Welcome sign 8561  I-24 East, Georgia Welcome sign 8562a I-24 East, Tennessee Welcome sign

Then we arrive at our hotel in Ringgold GA.  This hotel we are staying at was not our first choice though.  Back in April when we were planning this trip and making our hotel reservations.  We had originally made a reservation at the Super 8 in Ringgold.  However on April 27 I was watching CNN and saw that a tornado had ripped through most of the town of Ringgold and the Super 8 was torn to shreds.  We took a little drive after dinner to see the damage.

IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205

Funny that the Taco Bell next door survived and is open for business.  That is the way of tornados though, they can hit and or miss.

I think this used to be the Comfort Inn, but I can’t find any signage to verify this.


Tomorrow we will drive the short distance to Chattanooga TN and check out some popular tourist attractions.

To see all of our photos from today you can clik on the link to our FLICKR site.


  1. Sure a lot of damage still remaining to be fixed from those tornadoes.

  2. Almost 3 months later, I would have thought the debris would have been cleaned up and restorations would be going on at the Super 8. They are losing money every day they are not open. I guess the other hotels in the area are loving the increase in their business from the potential Super 8 customers.