Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

We are awake at 8am and quickly make sure that everything is stowed and put away.

There is a procedure to follow when getting our house on wheels ready to hit the road.  If you don’t make sure that everything is stowed away and brought in, there would be stuff flying all over as cupboards and drawers flew open and the contents spilled out as we drive along the road.

We checked out at the office and said our goodbyes to Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

4348 Bronte Creek Provincial Park Entrance 4353 Bronte Creek Provincial Park sign

A few minutes later and we are doing 110 KM/H along the QEW Highway.   Heading to Burlington and the site of todays Gymnastics competition.

4354 Bronte Creek Provincial Park motorhome trip - to Appleby Ice Centre for Alyssa's gymnastic competition

We got parked at the very far end of the parking lot and fired up the generator so that we could have our breakfast.

Karen’s daughter Paula and her Husband Kevin and their 4 kids arrived just as we were finishing up the dishes.  We locked the door behind us and went into the gymnasium.  There was a no photography rule inside the building.  There were professional photographers at all the gymnastic stations and if you wanted, you could buy professional photos.   We chose not to buy any and hope that Paula and Kevin can send us copies of the highlights of the days events.  If we get those photos, I will come back and update the blog and add the photos.

It was great having the motorhome out in the parking lot.  Karen and I were able to come out and relax comfortably between the events.  We made our own lunch and avoided the higher costs of the concessions set up inside.  There is something to be said for having your house on wheels with you at events like this.

Alyssa did very well in all her events and came away Silver all around and special notice for Straightest Arms on the Vault.

When the day was over we put our house on wheels into drive and drove home to our sticks and bricks house.

We only took a few photos today, they are all published on our FLICKR page

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