Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 32 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 32 Thursday August 7 2008

Today we are not going to put too many miles on the car, but it will be a busy day.

Aug 7

We got to the hotel early, too early to check in but that is ok. Since there is no way that I want to drive in downtown St Louis, our plan is to hire a taxi to take us from the hotel to the Gateway Arch and to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

1 Gateway Arch St Louis MO

We spent a couple of hours at the arch, had a quick lunch there and then got in the line-up for the ride in the tram to the top. The line was long and took about an hour before we were finally inside the tiny little tram car that will take us up. We were disappointed by the tiny little windows that you get to look out of from the top, and I am surprised that our photos turned out as well as they did. The glass windows were filthy dirty and everyone was crowding to have a peek through them.

12 Gateway Arch St Louis MO

I suppose that part of the disappointment was that compared to the CN Tower in Toronto with its large windows and being able to go outside on the observation deck or walk on the glass floor, we were spoiled by that experience. We can say that we have been to the Gateway Arch, but when we are in St Louis again, I don’t think we will be paying the admission fee to go to the top.

Next stop on our taxi ride through St Louis was Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. A must stop on Route 66. I have never had frozen custard before, but it was delicious. They refer to them as frozen concretes because they are so thick.

19 Rte 66 Ted Drewes St Louis MO 22 Rte 66 Ted Drewes St Louis MO

We got back to the hotel and checked in. I was glad that we did not attempt to drive through downtown St Louis. Parking at the Arch would have been a nightmare, and the traffic was brutal. A wise decision to let the taxi driver who knew his way around do all the driving.

To see our photos from today you can look at them on my FLICKR site.

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