Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 37 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 37 Tuesday August 12 2008

We are heading for home.


It is going to be a long day, but it is doable and the end result will be that we will be home after being on the road for 37 days.

We left Lafayette Indiana early enough, but the GPS is really acting weird and has us going in a direction that I just instinctively know is wrong. Then it dies and leaves us not knowing where we are or which direction to go. Time to get out the laptop and fire up Microsoft Streets and Trips. Within a few minutes we are back on track and heading for home.

The border crossing at Port Huron / Sarnia was uneventful. The customs officer looked at our passports, but did not ask us any questions, just waved us through.

We arrived home to find all was as we had left it.

For those of you who are curious… Here is the raw data from our trip.

The Canadian Dollar was at or about par with the US Dollar for this vacation.

We travelled a total of 10802 KM

We spent $810.99 for Fuel

Food cost us an average of $40.84 per day

The average cost for a hotel room was $65.57

Our average daily cost was $241.56

We usually try to keep the daily cost average around the $200.00 mark, but when you add in Hot Air Balloon Rides, Helicopter Rides, Train Excursions etc it brings the average daily cost up a bit.

And that concludes our Summer 2008 Vacation. We hope that you enjoyed following along.

Look for our Christmas 2008 Vacation coming soon to this blog.

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