Thursday, August 15, 2013

Restoule Provincial Park ON

Today is pack up and head home day.  Peter and Janette have probably already left as we rise and shine at 9am.  The wanted to get away and home early. 

We have our breakfast and then I start to put away our chairs, outdoor mats, awning etc.  Karen organizes the inside and gets things put away ready for travel.

We had a wonderful relaxing vacation here at Restoule Provincial Park but it is time to get back to civilization with cell phone and internet service.  We head out through the main gate at 11:30 am

7468 Restoule Provincial Park - leaving

We retrace the route that we took when we arrived.  Up and down the same steep hill.

7470 Hwy 534 -  steep hill 7472 Hwy 534 -  steep hill

The 3 corners in downtown Restoule.

7483 Hwy 534 -  Restoule

Following Hwy 534

7484 Hwy 534 -  Restoule 7486 Hwy 534

Till we arrive at Hwy 11 Southbound.

7488 Hwy 534 -  ramp to Hwy 11

We stopped around 1pm for lunch in Burks Falls and then carried on South.

7492 Hwy 11 7496 Hwy 11

There is hardly any traffic as we drive along.

7504 Hwy 11 - wildlife fencing

We see the signs for Muskoka and Huntsville.

7509 Hwy 11 - Muskoka 7511 Hwy 11 - Huntsville

We pass over the Vernon Narrows near Huntsville.  The motorhome, because of its height, offers a much better view of the surrounding areas.  In the car, these same photos would include the guardrail along the side of the bridge.

7520 Hwy 11 - Huntsville - Vernon Narrows 7521 Hwy 11 - Huntsville - Vernon Narrows

Hwy 11 continues Southbound.

7522 Hwy 11 7524 Hwy 11

We skirt around the town of Bracebridge.

7526 Hwy 11 - Bracebridge

Continuing on Southbound on Hwy 11 to Orillia and then Westbound on Hwy 12 to home.  We are home for a few days and then heading out again on another Ontario Road Trip.

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