Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 26 Summer 2010 Park to Park Road Trip

Shortly after we left our hotel in Klamath Falls OR, we crossed over the State Line into California.

1508 Welcome to California

Smoky the Bear tells us that the Fire Danger is Very High…

1513 Smoky the Bear near Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge CA

That is kind of obvious when you see the surrounding yellow dried out landscape.

1606 Between LBNM & Redding CA1607 Between LBNM & Redding CA

We saw a couple of deer as we were heading into the park.

1523 Deer at Lava Beds National Monument CA1524 Deer at Lava Beds National Monument CA

Today we are going to visit the Lava Beds National Monument.

1520 Lava Beds National Monument CA1525 Lava Beds National Monument CA

At Devils Homestead, I took this panoramic shot of the lava rocks that stretched almost to the horizon.

1547 Devils Homestead Lava Beds National Monument CA Stitch

Stopped at the Visitors Center and bought some postcards, but they did not have any hat pins. I will have to search for one online so that I can pin it on our map on the wall back home.

1582 Visitor Center Lava Beds National Monument CA1583 Visitor Center Lava Beds National Monument CA

There are 25 different lava tube caves that you can explore in this park, but Karen and I are too chicken to explore them on our own, they are dark, damp, full of bats, bugs and other creepy things. If you are into caving, this would be the spot for you to visit. We will just enjoy the above ground scenery in this park.

1568 Lava Beds National Monument CA1533 Lava Beds National Monument CA1575 Fleener Chimneys Lava Beds National Monument CA

Shortly after leaving the park, we spotted two deer grazing in a field by the road.

1590 Deer between LBNM & Redding CA1592 Deer between LBNM & Redding CA1595 Deer between LBNM & Redding CA

We headed for our hotel in Redding California. In Redding there is a famous bridge… The Sundial Bridge.

Billed as the “Worlds Largest Sundial”. It is big and between 10 am and 2pm, you can see the shadow of the arm on the sundial marking the time. The shadow moves 1 foot per minute so you can actually watch the movement as the earth rotates on its axis. Before 10am and after 2pm, the shadow moves off the plaza and is lost in the trees and water.

1609 Sundial Bridge Redding CA1610 Sundial Bridge Redding CA1611 Sundial Bridge Redding CA

The arm of the sundial is 217 feet tall. I had to stitch 4 photos together to get this one shot of the complete arm.

1621 Sundial Bridge Redding CA Stitch

To see all of the photos from today, you can see them by clicking on this link to my FLICKR site.

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