Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 1 Summer Vacation 2008

Today, lets take a step back in time and I will document here on this blog, the summer 2008 roadtrip that Karen and I took. The original plan was to drive Route 66, but as we planned for our summer getaway, the trip grew and grew to include many more things than just Route 66. Follow along and you will see and learn about our trip.

Day 1 Monday July 07 2008

We started out early on July 7 2008 and headed for Sarnia where we crossed the border into Michigan. We are heading across country to Flagstaff Arizona where we will stop and spend several days. The idea is to put the pedal down and get to Flagstaff by the 10th of July. The day was uneventful, just driving, stopping for fuel, meals and more driving. By 6pm we had been on the road long enough. As you can see by the map below, we made pretty good progress and pulled into the Super 8 in East Hazel Crest Illinois for the night.
You can click on the map to enlarge it.

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