Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 26 Summer Vacation 2009

This morning we said our Goodbyes and Thank Yous to Patty. She is heading back South to San Francisco and we are heading North to Seaside Oregon.

Jul 31

It is very foggy as we leave Arcata CA and head North on The Pacific Coastal Highway US 101. This seems to be very typical as the winds blow ashore from the cool ocean onto the warmer land.

3761 US 101 between Arcata & Trinidad CA3762 US 101 between Trinidad & Orick CA3765 US 101 between Trinidad & Orick CA

Between Orick & Klamath Oregon we noticed someone on the roadside taking photos so I slowed down to try and see what they were taking pictures of. Well there was a small herd of Elk resting behind a row of trees just off the highway. I thought that it was better that they were resting in that field rather than out wandering on the highway.

3772 Elk between Orick & Klamath CA3774 Elk between Orick & Klamath CA

In Klamath we looked for and found the Paul Bunion Statue. Paul is 95 feet tall.

3785 US 101 Klamath CA3787 US 101 Klamath CA3790 US 101 Klamath CA

The fog was starting to dissipate as we were crossing over the border from California into Oregon. We get to add another State to our Visited States map.

3806 US 101 CA & OR BorderVisitedStatesMap Jul 31

US 101 along the Pacific Coast in Oregon is very similar to the Pacific Coast in California. It is all very scenic, but if we do this highway again, and I am sure we will, we will drive from North to South. All of the scenic pull offs are on the ocean side of the road. Most of our photos are shot through the car windshield because there are very few pull offs on the Northbound side.

3815 US 101 between Harbor & Gold Beach OR3823 US 101 between Harbor & Gold Beach OR3836 US 101 between Gold Beach & Port Orford OR

3855 US 101 between Gold Beach & Port Orford OR3861 US 101 between Gold Beach & Port Orford OR3912 US 101 between Florence & Yachats OR

3947 US 101 between Florence & Yachats OR4036 US 101 Bay City OR4051 US 101 between Nehalem & Seaside OR

We arrived in Seaside Oregon after a long day of driving. Tomorrow we will head for Federal Way Washington.

If you would like to see all of our photos from today you can click on this link to our FLICKR site.

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