Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 5 & 6 Florida Vacation Xmas 2007

Day 5 of our 10 day vacation in Florida was mostly spent driving. We left Naples around 10am and decided that rather than drive straight back to Orlando, that we would cross the state via Aligator Alley and go up the Atlantic Coast towards Orlando. It was a chance to see more of Florida. It was a very slow picture day, we did stop along Aligator Alley and I took a few shots.

Day 6 was a down day, we did laundry, I got my haircut and just mostly relaxed around the hotel. Tomorrow we are off to Cape Kennedy and NASA for the day.

Here is a photo that I took along Aligator Alley

To see the rest of the photos that I took for Dec 28, you can check them out on my Flickr Site by clicking on this link at

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