Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 8 Florida Vacation Xmas 2007

Today we got up and had breakfast, then headed out for an Air Boat ride with Boggy Creek Air Boats into the Florida Everglades. This was a lot of fun, neither of us had been on an airboat before. It was noisy, but they provide ear protection. We got to see an aligator up close and there were lots of birds to see.

After Boggy Creek, we headed to Disney World. I have yet to see the iconic castle, so today we are going to "The Magic Kingdom"

Here is my first view of the castle.

The crowds are large as you can see in the photos. If you are ever going to go to Disney World, do not go at Christmas / New Years. That is the busiest time of the year. Karen wanted to see Disney at Christmas Time so we are glad that we went, but never again. We will be back to Disney, but at a much less crowded time.

We went on a few rides, but the lineup's were about 2 hours long. We stayed long enough to see the castle lit up at night and to see the fireworks over the castle. Tonight is New Years Eve.

As usual, you can see the rest of todays photos on my Flickr site by clicking and following this link.

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