Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 35 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 35 Sunday August 10 2008

The plan for today is to visit The Joliet Historical Museum and then we will depart Route 66 and head South to Lafayette Indiana.

Joliet has many lift bridges to cross over the Des Plains River. We had to wait at one as a barge passed through. While we were waiting for the museum to open we went for a walk to check out the other lift and draw bridges in the area.

6 Rte 66 Des Plains River Joliet IL 8 Rte 66 Des Plains River Joliet IL

The Museum was a good way to end our road trip on Route 66. We enjoyed the displays and re-living our trip through the photographs, maps and memorabilia on display.

We took a few photos inside the museum.

2 Rte 66 Joliet IL 11 Rte 66 Museum Joliet IL

Sadly, our Route 66 trip is over, but we sure had fun. I would say that we got our kicks on Route 66. We will return to the Mother Road and drive it again. There are some alignments that we did not drive, there were some businesses that were closed on the days we were there, but that just gives us a very good reason to come back and re-visit Route 66.

We are now going to head south to Lafayette Indiana. I have a friend that I have known for 15 years who has a large farm, and he has invited us to come and visit for a couple of days.

We drove south towards Lafayette. The GPS is acting rather strange and taking us off of the interstate only to put us back onto the interstate, then it will compeletely shut down. Very discouraging, but we press on pretending that we know where we are going. The only way to get the GPS to work is to do a battery pull and re-boot it. Well we got to our hotel and checked in. Called Grant and he invited us to come right over to his place. The GPS died a few times along the way, but eventually we pulled into his driveway. We chatted and visited and generally got caught up and then it was time for dinner, I was getting hungry so suggested that we should go out. Grant knew of a good restaurant close by called O'Charlies so we headed there. Enjoyed a delicious steak dinner with a couple of drinks, but we were tired so we parted ways and Karen and I headed back to our hotel. We made arrangements to meet Grant first thing in the morning out on his Farm where he would be working

If you wish to view the photos that I took today, you can see them on my FLICKR site.

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