Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 36 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 36 Monday August 11 2008

We slept in a bit and had a nice breakfast at the hotel. Then we loaded up the camera and some bottled water and headed off to find Grant’s Farm. Again the GPS is working in fits and spurts, but after several battery pulls, we finally pulled into the farm yard where Grant greeted us. He showed us around through the drive shed and then we loaded into his pickup truck so that he could take us on a tour of his domain. I think he said he has close to 10,000 acres, all of it corn or soybean. We went over to one of the large grain storage bins and watched and waited while Grant assisted some of his farm hands, get the bin emptied out. They were also in the process of loading last years corn into the grain truck and taking it to the market. Here are some photos.

3 Grant's Farm 4 Grant's Farm 5 Grant's Farm

Here are some of the storage silos, grain truck and Farmer Grant driving one of his tractors

7 Grant's Farm 6 Grant's Farm 8 Grant's Farm

It was a fun day at Grant’s farm, I learnt a lot about farming and realize what a hard job Grant has managing and operating this large farm.

We left Grant to his chores and headed to The Cracker Barrel for an early dinner, then it was early to bed for the long drive home tomorrow.

We are about 15 hours from home and I am tempted to just make the mad dash and get ourselves home. I may change my mind part way through the day, but for now I want to get a good nights sleep in anticipation of a 15 hour drive tomorrow.

To see all of our photos from today you can check them out on my FLICKR site.

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