Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 29 Summer Vacation 2009

Today aboard Holland America’s Westerdam is a day at sea. There are lots of ship board activities, so we wont be wondering what to do all day.

During the night we cruised North past Vancouver Island, and today we sailed past The Queen Charlotte Islands. By 8 am tomorrow morning we will sail into Glacier Bay.

First thing on our agenda today was breakfast in the Lido Restaurant. Then we went to the Crows Nest on Deck 10 for a Good Morning Westerdam meet and greet with the Captain. It was a very interesting and informative hour as the Captain answered any and all questions about himself and his ship.

At 10 am we went to a Shore Excursion presentation in the Vista Lounge. At this presentation there was a brief description of each shore excursion offered. Since Karen and I had already booked our shore excursions months ago we skipped out of this early.

At 11:30 we went to the Digital Workshop to learn about managing and saving all of your photos into folders, how to place tags on your photos so that you can better sort them. The workshop was full to overflowing, everyone really likes these computer classes.

At 1 pm there was another seminar in the Digital Workshop room where you could get a sneak peak at Windows 7, but we decided to pass and catch it on another day.

We bought some T-Shirts from the ships store. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices. Most things that you buy onboard are ridiculously priced, but the T-Shirts were high quality and reasonably priced. We felt that we got a great deal.

At 4 pm back in the Vista Lounge was another presentation. This time it was about whales and there was a video, still photos and helpful hints on sighting them as we cruise into waters tomorrow that are known areas where you will most likely see whales.

Tonight is a formal night and we got dressed for the occasion, had a wonderful dinner and then went to the Vista Lounge for the Captain’s Welcome Toast, followed by a stage show put on by the HAL dancers and entertainers.

There are no photos today to show you, I gave my shutter finger a rest because tomorrow is going to be a big photography day. We will be watching for whales and we will definitely see and photograph glaciers as we spend about 12 hours in Glacier Bay.

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