Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 42 Summer Vacation 2009

Today was a day of rest and relaxation in Deadwood SD. We have done and seen a lot in the last several days so it is good to just relax and take a breather from the travelling.

We went to breakfast in downtown Deadwood and we walked the main street taking photos and checking out some of the stores and shops. There are a lot of casinos in Deadwood, but they hold little interest to us.

6570 Deadwood SD6577 Deadwood SD6578 Deadwood SD

Lots of old historic buildings.

6574 Deadwood SD6579 Deadwood SD

But Deadwood’s claim to fame is that this is the town where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down and killed.

6581 Deadwood SD6583 Deadwood SD6584 Deadwood SD

There was a small historical display inside the Wild Bill Bar.

6589 Deadwood SD6590 Deadwood SD6591 Deadwood SD

Here is a view of our hotel in Deadwood.

6592 Deadwood SD

Tomorrow we are heading to Sturgis SD, the big Harley Davidson Rally is over, but I am sure that Sturgis will be interesting to visit. Then we will drive to Wall SD and spend a couple of days there.

To view the photos that I took today, you can click on my FLICKR site.

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