Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 1 Caribbean Vacation Xmas 2009

We have begun our Christmas 2009 Vacation. This year we will be cruising in the Southern Caribbean, but first we have to get to Baltimore Maryland to board the ship. There are severe winter weather conditions happening right now in Baltimore, but by the time we arrive there, that will all be cleared up.

We woke up and finished packing the car and closing down the house. We were on the road by 8:30am, the roads are bare and dry. We arrived at the Queenston Lewiston Border Crossing at Noon Hour.

7291 Queenston Lewiston Border Crossing7292 Queenston Lewiston Border Crossing7297 Queenston Lewiston Border Crossing

There was a 45 minute delay at the border, that was not as bad as we had expected. We breezed through Customs, they asked where we were going and for how long. A few cars ahead of us were pulled out of the line and sent for inspection.

Entering New York, we passed over a large bridge taking us onto Grand Island, and then another large bridge to put us back on the mainland.

7300 Grand Island Bridge7304 Grand Island Bridge

The highways are dry and bare, however we keep hearing radio reports of how bad things are in Baltimore. It is snowing so hard there, it is really bad, the airport has closed, roads are closed etc. Every weather report that I have looked at online in the last hour say that the storm will be through Baltimore and moved Eastward by morning. By 7am the storm will have moved and we should be fine for our drive South from New York, through Pennsylvania and into Baltimore MD.

We have a very nice hotel this evening.. I recommend Microtel Inn’s as great places to stay. The price is excellent, only $49.00 The only thing lacking is 2 TV channels that I like… CNN and The Weather Network. I am stuck watching FOX. Other than that, the hotel is clean, bright and modern.

7308 Our Hotel Room7309 Our Hotel Room7310 Our Hotel Room

We will wake up in the morning and check the weather report again, then continue heading South to our hotel in Baltimore.

To see all of our photos from today, you can check them out on my FLICKR site.

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