Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 54 Summer 2010 Park to Park Road Trip

Today we leave Colorado Springs CO and head into Kansas.  Didn’t take too many photos today, the spectacular scenery is behind us.   Here are a couple of photos between Colorado Springs CO and the Kansas State Line.
6450 US-24 CO btwn Colorado Springs and I-70 Limon CO6458 I-70 btwn Limon CO and the Kansas border CO
Crossed the line from Colorado into Kansas.
6459 I-70 btwn the Kansas border and Hays KS
And now some photos between the Kansas State Line and our hotel in Hays KS.  Where are the mountains ?
6461 I-70 btwn the Kansas border and Hays KS6467 I-70 btwn the Kansas border and Hays KS
We are heading South and East, our plan is to head for Afton Oklahoma on Route 66.
To see the few photos that we took today, you can click on the link to my FLICKR site.


  1. Can we assume you'll be saying hello to Laurel at Afton Station?

  2. Most definetely. I have spoken with Laurel and will meet at Afton Station on Tuesday around noon.