Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 24 Summer 2012 Road Trip

Not much to write about today, only took 27 photos. 

We moved 360 km Eastward, from Regina Saskatchewan to Brandon Manitoba.
2115 Saskatchewan TC-1 East sign 2116 Saskatchewan TC-1 East - cattle

We passed by fields of flax.

2121 Saskatchewan TC-1 East - flax crop fields 2122 Saskatchewan TC-1 East - flax crop fields

We stopped in Moosomin SK for lunch.

2127 Saskatchewan Moosomin - grain elevator 2128 Saskatchewan Moosomin

Around 1pm we left Saskatchewan behind us and entered Manitoba.

2131 Manitoba TC-1 East - Welcome sign at border

We are seeing fields of golden wheat now.

2137 Manitoba TC-1 East 2138 Manitoba TC-1 East

We enter the City limits for Brandon Manitoba and head for our hotel.

2140 Manitoba TC-1A East - Welcome to Brandon sign 2142 Manitoba TC-1A East Brandon 2143 Manitoba TC-1A East Brandon

To see the photos we took today, you can find them on our FLICKR site.

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