Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 4 Summer 2012 Road Trip

We got to sleep in a bit this morning.  We had to go out for breakfast though because the Best Western in Kenora does not provide a free continental breakfast.  So we went to A & W and had breakfast.
Then we went in search of a couple of roadside attractions.  The first one we found is “Loonie Bear”  There is a little slot that you can put money in, presumably a Loonie, and all proceeds go towards protecting the Lake of the Woods.

8305 Ontario Kenora Harbourfront - Loonie Bear 8306 Ontario Kenora Harbourfront - Loonie Bear 8307 Ontario Kenora Harbourfront - Loonie Bear

The next roadside attraction is “Husky the Muskie”  Husky is a 2 ton fish, 35 ft long.  That would be something to reel in.

8314 Ontario Kenora Trans-Canada Highway 17 - Husky the Muskie 8316 Ontario Kenora Trans-Canada Highway 17 - Husky the Muskie

We left Kenora on the Trans Canada Highway 17 and headed towards Brandon Manitoba.

8320 Ontario Kenora Trans-Canada Highway 17 - Lake of the Woods 8324 Ontario Trans-Canada Highway 17 - deer warning sign

We will travel a total of 480 KM today, a short day compared to some.  It was not long before we crossed the border into Manitoba.  We get to add another “Province Visited” to our map.


We stopped at the Manitoba Visitor Centre for a break and to learn more about Manitoba.

8325 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1 8326 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1 - Manitoba Travel Information Center

Pushing on further West, we are noticing the landscape changing.  Gone are the rock cuts and small lakes.  We are now surrounded by fields of Canola.

8334 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1 - canola field

We leave the Trans Canada Highway 1 and head towards Brandon on Manitoba 100

8339 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1 - sign to Highway 100 (around Winnipeg) 8343 Manitoba Highway 100 west sign

Manitoba 100 takes us around the perimeter of Winnipeg MB and then we re-joined The Trans Canada 1.

We stopped in Portage La Prairie to see another roadside attraction.  This one is the Worlds largest  Coke Can.  I can’t find any information on how tall it is, but I would guess 100 feet tall.

8354 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1 (Yellowhead Highway) Portage la Prairie sign 8358 Manitoba Portage la Prairie World's Largest Coke Can

In Austin MB there is another roadside attraction.  The Steam Tractor of Canadian Progress.

8368 Manitoba Austin - Austin sign 8371 Manitoba Austin - Steam Tractor of Canadian Progress

Large farm crops are on either side of the highway.

8375 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1 8382 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1 8384 Manitoba Trans-Canada Highway 1

We arrived in Brandon MB around 4:30 pm and at 6 pm we went next door to a restaurant for an all you can eat spaghetti dinner.  Only $5.49 each, a real bargain.

Came back to the hotel to work on the blog and on naming the photos.  Tomorrow we will head further West.

All the photos from today are published on FLICKR.

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