Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 12 Texas Vacation Xmas 2008

Today is Wednesday December 31, 2008

This is our last full day on South Padre Island. We awoke to a foggy morning on the Island and decided that we would go to Denny’s for breakfast. I was craving some bacon and eggs rather than cereal and waffles that are offered by the hotel.

We spent the morning packing up and loading the car. I went to the gas station and filled the car with gas. After lunch we headed back out to the Birding and Wildlife Center for one last visit. Every time we have visited the center, we have discovered new birds that we had not seen before. Today was no exception. The first bird we saw was an Osprey.

5777 Osprey South Padre Island Texas 5778 Osprey South Padre Island Texas 5784 Osprey South Padre Island Texas

Next we saw these gulls lined up on the railing of the boardwalk, then we saw a flock of Roseate Spoonbills. It is pretty obvious why they call these birds Spoonbills.

5789 Seagulls South Padre Island Texas 5790 Roseate Spoonbill South Padre Island Texas 5813 Roseate Spoonbill South Padre Island Texas

Then we watched the Brown Pelicans diving for fish.

5817 South Padre Island Texas 5820 South Padre Island Texas 5830 South Padre Island Texas

We went to the IGA for a few groceries, pop, sandwich meat, bread etc for the drive home tomorrow. We went down to the beach for one last walk and we found someone had built some interesting sand castles.

5882 South Padre Island Texas 5885 South Padre Island Texas 5886 South Padre Island Texas

Although it is New Years Eve, we are asleep early because we have to get up early. Once again as I look at the weather back home, I can see that a winter storm will be moving in and should hit Ontario by Sunday, so I would like to get an early start in the morning and try to get as far north as we can so that we can try to arrive home on Saturday afternoon or evening. We did wake up at midnight when we heard the loud fireworks display over the bay and we went out to the back balcony of the hotel to watch the display. Happy New Year.

To see all of our photos from today, you can see them on our FLICKR site.

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