Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 2 Texas Vacation Xmas 2008

Today is Sunday December 21 2008

It is cold this morning. We are wearing our winter coats because it is only a degree or two above freezing. We are on the road early, we have to make up for lost time, so I am planning on driving from Shepherdsville Kentucky to Palestine Texas. A total of 1300 KM.

We had a quick breakfast and we are on the road at 7:30 am. First stop is in Franklin KY for some fuel and a car wash, the car is filthy after driving through all that slush and snow yesterday.

We drive through Tennessee and into Arkansas where we stop for lunch in Earle Arkansas, we fuel up and push on towards Texas.

It is not getting any warmer, the whole country seems to be under a cold snap, in fact there are reports on the radio of the possibility of freezing rain in Northern Texas tomorrow morning. Last winter when we were travelling South to Florida, I had fun watching the digital thermometer on the dashboard climb degree by degree as we moved further and further South. That is not the case this year, the temperature is just staying steady at a few degrees above freezing.

We got a little turned around in Texarkana, this city is located in Texas and Arkansas, hence the name. I know we crossed over into Texas because we stopped at the Texas Welcome Center and took a couple of pictures.

5045 Texas Welcome Center 5047 Texas Welcome Center 5048 Texas Welcome Center

We left the Welcome Center and got back onto the bypass that circles around Texarkana and we must have missed our exit for Hwy 59 South because next thing I know we are entering Arkansas again and wound up on a highway heading us towards Shreveport LA. I had to fire up the GPS and get ourselves back on course for Palestine TX where we have booked our hotel room for the night. We are not due to arrive in Palestine until 9pm so we stop for a quick dinner at McDonalds in Jefferson Texas.

I am not a big fan of driving at night, especially on roads that I do not know, but we have no choice if we are going to stick to our schedule. We get into Palestine TX around 9pm, it has been a long day of driving, but we are only 800 KM from our destination.

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