Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 1 Texas Vacation Xmas 2008

Today is Saturday December 20, 2008

Today we are leaving for our Christmas Vacation. We are going to spend 10 days on South Padre Island Texas. But first we have to get there.

Our original plan was to leave home yesterday afternoon at 5pm and drive as far as Windsor Ontario where we will get a hotel room and stay overnight and get up early in the morning to cross over the border into the USA.

The weather is not co-operating though. There is a severe winter storm happening in Central and Southern Ontario right now and some roads are closed and other roads are barely passable. I have been watching the weather radar online and watching the weather channel on TV. This storm is going to be past us around 10 pm, but there is another storm following right behind. I can see about an 8 hour window of opportunity to get out of here and head South between the storms. The problem is, that window of opportunity is at 3 am and will require 15 hours of driving as far south as we can get as quickly as we can to avoid this second storm. If we don’t do that, we will be stuck here till the second storm passes.

So we are up at 3am and backing down the driveway, the snow is about 10 inches deep in the driveway and on our street, but if we don’t get stuck, we will get out onto the main road where the snow has been plowed and the road is somewhat driveable. The roads were snow covered and snow packed and it wasn’t till we got to Kitchener that we actually started to find some bare pavement. We stopped in Maidstone at the Tim Hortons for a quick coffee and bagels for breakfast. We are making good time all things considered and got to the Windsor / Detroit border crossing around 9am.

There was about a 1 hour delay at the border but that is typical, and we are on our way South. I want to try to get as far as Kentucky to be sure that we are well South of that second storm that is moving into the Michigan and Ontario regions.

We drove through the States of Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky

We got into Sheppardsville Kentucky around 7pm and checked into our hotel room. It was a long drive, but I am happy that we are far enough South to not be caught up in any bad weather to the North of us. We are about 5 hours behind schedule but I believe that I can make up for lost time over the next couple of days so that we arrive on South Padre Island on Dec 22 as planned.

We drove 1100 KM today.

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