Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 52 Summer 2011 Road Trip

This morning we left Burnsville MN and we are going to head East and North into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Crossing over the St Croix River we enter Wisconsin.

4760 Wisconsin border -  I-94 (US-12) - I-94 Interstate Bridge over St Croix River 4762 Wisconsin border -  I-94 (US-12) - St Croix River 4763 Wisconsin -  I-94 (US-12) - Wisconsin Welcome sign

State Route 29 through Wisconsin is a nice 2 lane road.  We aren’t blasting along an Interstate so we can slow down and take some photos.

4765 Wisconsin - State Route 29 4770 Wisconsin - State Route 29 4774 Wisconsin - State Route 29

The signs warn us to watch out for horse and buggies on the side of the road, but we didn’t see any.

4769 Wisconsin - State Route 29 4776 Wisconsin - State Route 29

We drove on State Route 17 for a while.  I have to figure out what crops are growing under these protective mesh screens.

4783 Wisconsin - State Route 17 4784 Wisconsin - State Route 17 4785 Wisconsin - State Route 17

Leaving State Route 17 we drove on County Route Q which then became County Route G.

4788 Wisconsin - County Route Q 4791 Wisconsin - sign on County Route G at junction with County Route Q 4793 Wisconsin - County Route G - Pelican Lake

Then onto County Route Z.  As some point we crossed into Michigan, but there wasn’t a sign to mark the State Line.  Then we got to US 2 which took us into Escanaba Michigan.

4796 Michigan border - County Route Z - bridge over Menominee River 4800 Michigan - County Rd G18 (County Road 374) 4801 Michigan - Escanaba, MI - US-2 (US-41)

We are staying tonight in Escanaba Michigan.

To see all of our photos from today you can find them on our FLICKR site.

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