Monday, July 29, 2013

Sleepy Cedars Campground Ottawa ON


Heading for home today.  We slept in a bit this morning, but not as late as yesterday.  We have our breakfast and pack up the last few things before we can hit the road.

We leave Sleepy Cedars Campground by 10am and shortly after, we are on Hwy 7 heading West.  We stopped along the way for fuel and then around noon, we pulled into this nice little rest area for lunch.

6904 Hwy 7 Silver Lake Rest Area 6906 Hwy 7 Silver Lake Rest Area

We had grilled cheese sandwiches and for dessert some ice cream.   This is a very nice little pull off, right beside a small lake.

6910 Hwy 7 Silver Lake Rest Area 6913 Hwy 7 Silver Lake Rest Area

We continued West along Hwy 7 and pulled over again in Havelock Ontario.  We had ourselves another little break before continuing on.  This is certainly the way to travel, all the comforts of home right here as we drive along.  We took some photos of the trains in the train yard at Havelock.

This one is pushed by a locomotive and is a snow plow that pushes snow off the tracks.

6917 Hwy 7 Havelock

Some more trains in the railway yard.

6914 Hwy 7 Havelock 6916 Hwy 7 Havelock

We backed into our driveway at home around 5pm.

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