Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bass Lake Provincial Park

It is a sleepy in kind of morning.  Rolled out of bed after 9am.  Had our coffee and tea and then made breakfast. 

I am loving our Tassimo Coffee Maker.   I have it set up on our front dash, sitting on a wooden cutting board.


Don & Shirley want to get going and get their new puppy home.  We are not anxious to leave though so we are going to stretch our stay to the minute before we have to check out.  There is a 2pm checkout time in this park.

We realized that we did not have any pictures of Karen at the shore of Bass Lake, so we set off in the direction of the beach to get a few more photos.  It is a windy day down at the beach.

4638 Bass Lake Provincial Park - Karen and Bass Lake 4640 Bass Lake Provincial Park - Bass Lake

I saw this cartoon online and it immediately reminded me of myself.  I am often accused of bringing too much technology with us in our motorhome.  Well, so be it, I like my technology close by.


I have my mi-fi modem so that we have wi-fi in the motorhome.  I bring my iPhone, my iPad, my laptop, my blue tooth Jambox speakers and my Kindle e-reader.  Karen brings her laptop, her iPhone and her Kindle.  We also have a Lexmark wireless printer onboard so that we can print out any reservation confirmations or maps that we need.  Isn’t technology wonderful.

By 1:59 pm we are packed up and heading out through the gate.  Our house on wheels is pointed towards our sticks and bricks home.

We made it home safely, no more flat tires.  However, we are not going anywhere now until we have new tires under us.

To see our photos from today, you can click on this link to our FLICKR site.

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