Saturday, June 15, 2013

McRae Point Provincial Park

We slept in till around 9am, had our morning coffee and tea.  We checked our emails, played our online games and then had breakfast.. A very lazy morning.  

We walked down to see what Don & Shirley were up to, turns out they hadn’t accomplished much either.  We chatted for a bit before heading back to our house on wheels for lunch.

After lunch, Karen and I decided we would go for a walk.   There is a Waters Edge Trail so off we go.

4681 McRae Point Provincial Park path beside our motorhome down to Lake Simcoe 4682 McRae Point Provincial Park swimming area Lake Simcoe

Here is the marker to indicate the beginning of the trail.

4684 McRae Point Provincial Park Bill at start of Water's Edge Trail

And we are off…

4686 McRae Point Provincial Park Bill on Water's Edge Trail

McRae Point Provincial Park is exactly that, a point that juts out into Lake Simcoe, so we will walk the trail that skirts along the edge of the water.  It is a very pleasant easy walking trail.

4687 McRae Point Provincial Park Water's Edge Trail 4690 McRae Point Provincial Park Water's Edge Trail - Lake Simcoe

The water is never more than a few feet from us on our right hand side.

4694 McRae Point Provincial Park Water's Edge Trail 4689 McRae Point Provincial Park Water's Edge Trail - Lake Simcoe

No, this photo is not crooked, this is how all the trees are after a lifetime of prevailing winds blew against them.

4691 McRae Point Provincial Park Water's Edge Trail

Someone had a waters edge picnic lunch and didn’t bother to bring the table back to where they found it.

4697 McRae Point Provincial Park Water's Edge Trail - picnic table in Lake Simcoe 4698 McRae Point Provincial Park Water's Edge Trail - picnic table in Lake Simcoe

We continued a short distance past this point, but it was obvious that no one had been on this part of the trail for a while.  There were thousands of strands of spider web hanging down and across the trail.  I was trying to cut them like an knife with my hands and arms.  That got really annoying really quick, so we took a little trail to our left that led up to a campsite that was vacant.  We cut through that campsite and back out onto the road.  So much for the water side trail, the paved road was spider web free.   We got back to our motorhome about 10 minutes later.  That hike was about 2 KM  

4680 McRae Point Provincial Park our motorhome in site #138

I decided that it was time to learn how to fly my Wi-Fli Helicopter so I brought it out and charged up the onboard battery.


My first observation is that it is not as easy to fly as they show in the commercials on TV.  The control is my iPhone.  It syncs wirelessly through the blue tooth.

4700 McRae Point Provincial Park Bill flying helicopter 4701 McRae Point Provincial Park Bill flying helicopter

I decided I better read the flying instructions, so fired up my iPad.

4702 McRae Point Provincial Park Bill flying helicopter

So….. the instructions weren’t much help.  The durations of my flights were so short that Karen could not capture any photos.  I could get the thing flying, but I was unable to control the direction of flight.  It would either head for the motorhome or the trees and I didn’t want it hitting either, so I would bring it back down resulting in a not so smooth landing, more resembling a crash.  It is a surprisingly tough little helicopter.  No parts were harmed during this extreme abuse of crashing.

Don decided he better come over and see what all the cursing and swearing was all about.  He soon had my iPhone in his hand.

4708 McRae Point Provincial Park Don & Bill flying helicopter

And actually got it flying for about 20 seconds before it too crashed and burned.  (Disclaimer … no actual helicopters were harmed during the filming of this event)

4713 McRae Point Provincial Park Don flying helicopter

Helicopter Pilots we are not, we better stick to what we know… which is …  Sitting around a campfire having a few cold ones.  It is our turn to host the campfire so I get it started before dinner so it will be ready with a nice bed of coals for roasting marshmallows later.

4718 McRae Point Provincial Park Bill making fire

We cooked hamburgers this evening on our Weber Q.  The fire was nicely burning when we finish dinner and D & S come over with their puppy.   I have an app on my iPhone called “Shazam”.   The app listens to a song and then identifies the song.  Don brought over his iPad full of the old country songs that he likes, songs that I had never heard of before.  Of course “D” is that much older than I am, so these songs were written before I was born… ya right.  I was never into country music growing up, this is why I don’t recognize any of the tunes he plays.  It has just been the last few years that I learnt that I like the ‘New Country Music”  Anyways, “D” was surprised that my Shazam app was able to identify 90% of the old country songs he played.  I actually liked a few of the songs, and with the Shazam app I was able to purchase the individual songs i liked through my iTunes account.  

We had a great evening socializing and putting away a few cold ones.   The fridge is much lighter now, and we won’t have to haul all that extra weight back home with us tomorrow.  Our fuel efficiency should be greatly improved.

To see all of our photos from today, you can click on this link to our FLICKR site.

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