Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 10 Caribbean Vacation Xmas 2009

This morning at 8am, our cruise ship arrived in the port of Basseterre St Kitts. We don’t have any shore excursions planned for today, but we will go ashore and walk around and buy some souvenirs .

We went up to deck 11 forward to watch the ship sail into port and get tied up to the pier.

8108 Basseterre St Kitts8121  Basseterre St Kitts8125  Basseterre St Kitts

We enjoyed a late breakfast in the Palm Springs Cafe and then we walked along the pier into town. All the stores and shops are near the pier so it was easy to walk around and explore this town.

8134  Basseterre St Kitts8135a  Basseterre St Kitts8136  Basseterre St Kitts

There is an interesting clock tower in the centre of town.

8138 St Kitts Big Ben  Basseterre St Kitts

We had our photos taken with some monkeys.

8153 Karen Bill & Monkeys  Basseterre St Kitts8149 Bill & Monkeys  Basseterre St Kitts8142 Karen & Susan  Basseterre St Kitts

We watched some local street dancers.

8140  Street Performers Basseterre St Kitts8139 Street Performers  Basseterre St Kitts8141 Street Performers  Basseterre St Kitts

Took some photos of the ship as we walked back to the pier.

8141b Celebrity Mercury  Basseterre St Kitts8141a  Celebrity Mercury Basseterre St Kitts

Once back onboard the ship it was time to relax and have a couple of drinks by the La Playa pool.

8141g Celebrity Mercury  Basseterre St Kitts8141l Flirtini & Peach Marguerita Celebrity Mercury  Basseterre St Kitts8141k Celebrity Mercury  Basseterre St Kitts

Oh yes, and some dessert.

8141m Berries in Choux & Chocolate Truffle Celebrity Mercury  Basseterre St Kitts

Here are some photos as the sun was setting on another beautiful day in the Caribbean.

8179 Sunset Basseterre St Kitts8182 Sunset Basseterre St Kitts8184 Sunset Basseterre St Kitts

8186 Sunset Basseterre St Kitts8187 Sunset Basseterre St Kitts8188 Sunset Basseterre St Kitts

Tomorrow morning we will arrive in Philipsburg St Maarten. We have a great shore excursion planned, so be sure to read tomorrows blog.

I took lots of photos today, to see all of them visit my FLICKR site.

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