Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 4 Caribbean Vacation Xmas 2009

Today is our first full day at sea. There are 3 “at sea” days until we reach the Eastern Caribbean.

We were awake by 7:30 am and snapped a few pictures out the window of our room. Nothing insight for as far as the eye can see.

7438 View from room Porthole Celebrity Mercury7440  View from room Porthole Celebrity Mercury7443  View from room Porthole Celebrity Mercury

We had breakfast in the Palm Springs Cafe and then at 10:00am went to the Shore Excursion Seminar in the Celebrity Theatre.

For lunch we went back to the Palm Springs Cafe. There is a really good selection of food available, it is hard to decide what we want to eat. For dessert we each had a Raspberry Ganache Tartlette.

7444 Raspberry Ganache Tartlette Celebrity Mercury

After such a busy morning it was time for a short nap and then at 3:00pm we went to the Cova Cafe. One thing I am not too happy about on this ship is that there is no Wi-Fi available in any of the staterooms. I have to take my laptop to the Cova Cafe where the ships Wi-Fi signal is available. On our summer cruise to Alaska aboard “The Westerdam”, Wi-Fi was available in all the rooms. It is a bit of an inconvenience to not have Wi-Fi in the room. Here are some photos of the Cova Cafe and of me at my laptop checking e-mails and publishing the blog.

7461  Cova Cafe Celebrity Mercury7454 Cova Cafe Celebrity Mercury7456  Cova Cafe Celebrity Mercury

As the sun was setting this evening, we went out on the Promenade deck to take some pictures. The air temperature is slowly rising the further South we travel. We are in the Gulf Stream and the water temperature is 78 degrees, the air temperature is 72 degrees. Here are some photos of the sunset this evening.

7467  Sunset from Room Celebrity Mercury7473 Sunset from Promenade Deck Celebrity Mercury7478 Sunset from Promenade Deck Celebrity Mercury

7479 Sunset from Promenade Deck Celebrity Mercury7480 Sunset from Promenade Deck Celebrity Mercury7482 Sunset from Promenade Deck Celebrity Mercury

Tonight it is the first “Formal Night” so we got dressed up in our Sunday Best and went to the Manhattan Restaurant for dinner. Afterwards was a toast from the Captain and then a Broadway type show in the Celebrity Theatre.

By the time the show was over it was Midnight, we went up to the Navigator Club where they had an interesting Ice Sculpture. The bartender was using the sculpture to make and mix your martini. He would pour the martini onto the top of the ice sculpture and the liquid would run down a series of channels until it poured out the bottom into your glass. The bartender is peeking his head out from behind the sculpture in this photo.

7494 Martini Slide Ice Sculpture Navigator Club Celebrity Mercury

There have not been any towel animals yet on our bed at night. That is a little disappointing because it was something that we looked forward to each night while on our Alaska Cruise. It was fun to come back to the room each night to see what towel animal the room porter had made.

To see all of the photos that I took today, please click on this link to my FLICKR site.

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