Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 12 Caribbean Vacation Xmas 2009

At sea. We are on our way back to Baltimore Maryland. We have 3 days to rest and relax onboard after leaving the Eastern Caribbean. I don’t anticipate any thing exciting to happen that would be really news worthy of putting in the blog, but I will post a little something about each day till we get back home and end our Xmas 2009 Vacation.

Today the ocean is quite rough. The captain insists that the seas are slight to moderate. I think he tends to downplay the conditions, hoping that the passengers will believe him. To my way of thinking, when the ship is pounding and shuddering every time we hit a wave, that tells me that the waves are more than slight to moderate.. more like moderate to rough. We hear some loud banging and scraping noises on the particularly larger waves and I suspect it is the anchor shifting as it hangs from the bow of the ship. Everyone is walking around the ship like drunken sailors.

These photos were taken up on deck 6 out by the railing. In one shot the spray reaches above the deck 6 railing.

From Outside on Deck 6From Outside on Deck 6From Outside on Deck 6

In our room near the bow on deck 4, we are getting a more up close and personal view of the large waves through our window.

Karen enjoyed sitting in the windows and saying ohh and ahh at each wave that passed.

From our room Deck 4From our room Deck 4From our room Deck 4

From our room Deck 4From our room Deck 4From our room Deck 4

We had lunch and dinner in the Palm Springs Cafe and went out on deck to watch the sun set over the ocean. The outside temperature is progressively getting cooler and cooler as we head further and further Northwest to Baltimore.

Our sunset photos for this evening.

8264a Sunset Celebrity Mercury8264d Sunset Celebrity Mercury8264e Sunset Celebrity Mercury

8264f Sunset Celebrity Mercury8264g Sunset Celebrity Mercury8264h Sunset Celebrity Mercury

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