Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 6 Caribbean Vacation Xmas 2009

Sometime during the night we sailed into a new time zone, so we had to set our watches ahead one hour. This is our 3rd and final “at sea” day, tomorrow morning we will be docking in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas USVI.

This map shows our route from Baltimore MD.

7570 Route Celebrity Mercury

This map shows the Islands we will be visiting.

Eastern Caribbean

And a close up map.

Closeup Eastern Caribbean

It was raining when we awoke this morning, but the outside temperature is 82 degrees. Breakfast was in the Palm Springs Cafe.

7522 Rainy Morning Celebrity Mercury7529 Downpour Celebrity Mercury

At 10:00am we attended the seminar/lecture about the coral reefs and beaches of Antigua.

Shortly after lunch it quit raining and we were out on deck lounging in the sun.

7557 La Playa Pool Celebrity Mercury7558 La Playa Pool Celebrity Mercury7559 Sunbathing Celebrity Mercury

At 7pm we went to the Celebrity Theatre for the Christmas Eve theatrical presentation. Dinner was at 8:30pm. For dinner we went to the Manhattan Restaurant for a traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

7579 Storm Clouds Celebrity Mercury7581 Storm Clouds Celebrity Mercury7589 Storm Clouds Celebrity Mercury

If you would like to view all of the photos that I took today, please visit my FLICKR site.

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