Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 3 Caribbean Vacation Xmas 2009

Slept in a bit this morning because we don’t have to be at the Pier till sometime around 11am. The drive to the pier only took 15 minutes from our hotel. As we drove into the parking area at the pier we could see our ship, the Celebrity Mercury.

7364 Celebrity Mercury

The check in process was better organized than what we experienced in Seattle when we cruised to Alaska. Here in the Port of Baltimore, we unloaded our suitcases from the trunk of the car right at the side of the ship, then we proceeded to the parking lot. We walked into the terminal and were checked in fairly quickly. It was a short wait and then we were allowed onboard. Everyone was heading to the Palm Springs Cafe, and the buffet lunch, but we weren’t hungry and we knew that all the tables and chairs would be occupied so we headed up to the Navigator Club and enjoyed a couple of drinks instead.

7371 Navigator Club Celebrity Mercury7371a Navigator Club Celebrity Mercury7380 Navigator Club Celebrity Mercury

We had the whole Navigator Club to ourselves for about an hour, until other passengers started to explore the ship and started filling up the tables and chairs. By 1:30 the announcement came that our rooms were ready so we headed on down to our room.

The room, although not as elegantly decorated as onboard The Westerdam, is still a very nice room. We have more closet space and a nice size window. Our suitcases were delivered and we got unpacked.

7391 Stateroom 4002 Celebrity Mercury7392 Stateroom 4002 Celebrity Mercury7393 Stateroom 4002 Celebrity Mercury

After unpacking, we went to the Palm Springs Cafe for a late buffet style lunch. There are a lot more food choices than on The Westerdam. We had pizza and burgers, but there is such a wide variety of food that we won’t have any trouble finding things to eat that we like. There is a deli sandwich section, hot lunches, salads, fruits, desserts etc.

7397 Watermellon Carving Celebrity Mercury7398 Palm Springs Cafe Celebrity Mercury7399 Ice Sculpture Celebrity Mercury

After lunch we explored the ship to get an idea of where things were located.

The La Playa Pool area has a ceramic tile wall that is very interesting.

7405 La Playa Pool Celebrity Mercury7406 Ceramic Tile Wall Celebrity Mercury7407 Ceramic Tile Wall Celebrity Mercury

The Pavilion Night Club.

7411 Pavilion Night Club Celebrity Mercury7409 Pavilion Night Club Celebrity Mercury7410 Pavilion Night Club Celebrity Mercury

The Fortunes Casino with its elaborate etched glass wall.

7414 Fortunes Casino Celebrity Mercury7415 Etched Glass Wall Fortunes Casino Celebrity Mercury

The Grand Foyer.

7420 Grand Foyer Celebrity Mercury7419 Grand Foyer Celebrity Mercury7418 Grand Foyer Celebrity Mercury

The Celebrity Theatre.

7427 Celebrity Theatre Celebrity Mercury7424 Celebrity Theatre Celebrity Mercury Stitch

We untied and left the pier at 5pm and we are on our way to the Southern Caribbean.

7430 Port of Baltimore MD7433 Port of Baltimore MD7437 Port of Baltimore MD

We went to the Welcome Aboard Opening Night celebration in the Celebrity Theatre and then to the Manhattan Restaurant for dinner this evening. Our scheduled dining time in the Manhattan Restaurant is 8:30pm, quite a bit later than our usual 6:00pm dinner time at home, so I don’t know if we will be going to the restaurant very much on this cruise. Instead I imagine that we will be dining in the Palm Springs Cafe, which is more casual, and has the great buffet style selections.

Tomorrow is a full day at sea, I suspect that we will tour the ship some more and spend time relaxing and reading.

If you would like to see all of our photos from today, you can take a look at them on my FLICKR site.

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