Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 2 Caribbean Vacation Xmas 2009

We left our hotel in Bath NY this morning around 8:30am on clean, dry highways. Before we knew it we saw the Welcome to Pennsylvania Sign.

7313  US-15 Welcome to PA

We stopped at the Welcome Center in Tioga Pennsylvania and loaded up with a bag full of brochures and maps for PA. We haven’t decided yet where we will be travelling to this coming summer, but there is a good chance that we could spend some time in PA. We will have time after we get home from this vacation to look through what we picked up today. Here are some photos of the Welcome Center.

7315 US-15 Welcome Center Tioga PA7316 US-15 Welcome Center Tioga PA7317 US-15 Welcome Center Tioga PA

There was also a scenic lookout at the Welcome Center.

7318 Scenic View Stitch US-15 Welcome Center Tioga PA7321 US-15 Welcome Center Tioga PA

On US 15 between Tioga PA and Williamsport PA there were some interesting ice formations on the rock walls along the side of the highway. Water that seeps through the rocks form ice waterfalls that cascade down the face of the rocks.

7323  US-15 between Tioga & Williamsport PA7324  US-15 between Tioga & Williamsport PA

We stopped for a break at the Susquehanna Trading Post. Displayed on the wall were some interesting pieces of art work, which are called Hex Signs. They are a form of Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Art. Typically you would see these on the sides of barns. They are similar to the quilt patterns that we saw on barns in Iowa this past summer.

7327 Susquehanna Trading Post Duncannon PA7331  Hex Signs at  Susquehanna Trading Post Duncannon PA7333  Hex Signs at  Susquehanna Trading Post Duncannon PA

After leaving the Trading Post, we continued on along US 22 which hugs the banks of the Susquehanna River as it winds its way through Pennsylvania. Harrisburg PA was the next big city that we drove through. We saw the Farm Show Complex with its agricultural artwork around the top of the building. We also saw some really neat arched bridges.

7343 PA Farm Show Complex Harrisburg PA7347  I 83 Susquehanna River Bridges Harrisburg PA

After leaving Harrisburg PA, we got onto I 83 and crossed the border into Maryland. We snapped a photo of the Welcome to Maryland sign. We are seeing more and more snow on the ground as we drive along, evidence of the storm that blew through this area yesterday.

7349 I 83 Welcome to Maryland

It wasn’t much further and we entered the City of Baltimore Maryland.

7356 Welcome to Baltimore MD

As you can see, each photo so far shows more and more snow on the ground. The main roads have been plowed after the large storm that hit this area yesterday. However when we turned into our Hotel parking lot, we got a bit of a surprise… the lot had not been cleared and there was 8 to 10 inches of snow everywhere. I am glad that we have winter tires and we were able to get into the lot and get the car parked. I drove the car back and forth in our parking spot to pack the snow down as best I could so that we could unload the car.

7360 Ramada Inn Baltimore MD7361 Ramada Inn Baltimore MD

Tomorrow we will wake up and head for the Pier to board our cruise ship.

To see all of out photos from today, you can see them on my FLICKR site.

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