Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 09 Summer 2011 Road Trip

We are awake early and out of the hotel heading North and West towards our destination of Memphis Tennessee.  This US 78 through Alabama is a lovely smooth stretch of highway… speed limit is 70 so we are making good time.

8019 US-280 West, Alabama 8020  US-280 West, Alabama 8021  US-280 West, Alabama

Before long, we were driving through another torrential downpour, like the others, it lasted about 5 minutes.

8027  US-280 West, Alabama 8028 US-280 West, Alabama 8031 US-280 West, Alabama

Drove through Birmingham Alabama, here are some shots of the skyline.

8043 ramp from US-280 to I-20, Alabama - Birmingham, AL cityscape 8044 ramp from US-280 to I-20, Alabama - Birmingham, AL cityscape 8046 I-20 (I-59), Alabama - Birmingham, AL cityscape

Welcome to Mississippi, and another State that we have never visited… so it is time to add to our “Visited States Map.”

Visited States Map Tennessee

Nice roads in this part of Mississippi also.

8055 US-78 West, Mississippi Welcome sign 8056  US-78 West, Mississippi 8057  US-78 West, Mississippi

We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center.  I did not know that Elvis was born in Mississippi, but I learnt that fact while looking at the Elvis displays in the Visitor Center.

8059 US-78 West, Mississippi Welcome Center 8061  US-78 West, Mississippi Welcome Center 8064 US-78 West, Mississippi Welcome Center

8065 US-78 West, Mississippi Welcome Center 8066 US-78 West, Mississippi Welcome Center

At 4pm we are now driving on Elvis Presley Boulevard heading to our hotel.  When we pulled into the parking lot we saw our friends Peter and Janette outside the lobby, so we parked the car and got checked in. Brought our luggage up to the room.

Everything about this hotel is “Elvis”, from the Elvis memorabilia in the lobby….

8082 Days Inn Graceland lobby - Memphis, Tennessee

To the Elvis pictures in our room…

8087 Days Inn Graceland our room - Memphis, Tennessee

To the guitar shaped swimming pool…

8085 Days Inn Graceland guitar pool - Memphis, Tennessee

We decided on a restaurant to eat at and they sent a pink limousine to pick us up and take us for dinner.  Here is our free transportation for the evening.

8092 pink limo from Marlowe's Ribs & Restaraunt (our free ride) - Memphis, Tennessee 8093 pink limo from Marlowe's Ribs & Restaraunt (our free ride) - Memphis, Tennessee

Marlowe’s Ribs and Restaurant.

8099 Marlowe's Ribs & Restaraunt - Memphis, Tennessee 8094 Marlowe's Ribs & Restaraunt - Memphis, Tennessee 8098 Marlowe's Ribs & Restaraunt - Memphis, Tennessee

Great food and great company, with our friends Peter and Janette.

8095 Marlowe's Ribs & Restaraunt - Memphis, Tennessee - Peter and Janette

After a wonderful dinner and dessert, the limo took us back to our hotel.  We decided we should go for a short walk and so we walked approximately 2 blocks from our hotel to the Gates of Graceland.  At this hour everything is closed and locked up.  We will come back tomorrow and do the official tour.

8105 Graceland gates - Memphis, Tennessee 8106 Graceland gates - Memphis, Tennessee 8107 Graceland gates - Memphis, Tennessee

As dusk was settling around us, I stuck my camera above the stone fence at Graceland and snapped this photo towards the house.

8111 Graceland at night - Memphis, Tennessee

To see all of the photos that we took today, please click on the link to our FLICKR site.

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