Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 21 Summer 2011 Road Trip

Well our friends Peter and Janette packed up last night and sometime early this morning, before we awoke,  they headed back to their home in Midland. 

Karen and I got a bit spoiled while they were travelling with us because they would always get to the breakfast room before us and have a table already with 2 chairs for us to sit down at.  This morning Karen and I had to fend for ourselves and had to wait a bit for a table to free up that we could sit at.  We had a great time all four of us and I look forward to future vacations that we can travel together.

Karen and I decided that we should go in search of some road side attractions today, so with our trusty GPS and my new smart phone, we took off.

There is a great website called Roadside America.  It is a guide to weird, quirky and off beat roadside attractions.  There is a smart phone app that lets you know if you are near one of the attractions and it includes a map, a description and a place where you tick off that you have visited the attraction.

The first one near us is this Pink Elephant with a Martini Glass.  Someone needs to give this poor guy a new coat of paint.

9914 Cross Plains, Tennessee - Pink Elephant with Martini Glass

Can you see all the hydro wires in that photo.. of course you can.  Now with Karen’s magic photo editing program, voila… they disappear.   The photo is so much better without all the wires.

9915a Cross Plains, Tennessee - Pink Elephant with Martini Glass

Our next roadside attraction is this “muffler man” Indian.   These are commonly referred to as muffler men statues and got that name because they often held full sized car mufflers as advertisements for muffler shops.  Sometimes they held tires or other items relevant to the business they were standing in front of.  They are typically 20 feet tall and made of fiberglass.  You can read about the origins and history of these “muffler men”.

9917 Cross Plains, Tennessee - Muffler Man - Indian

Once again Karen worked her magic to make the pole and the wires disappear.  Pretty neat.

9917a Cross Plains, Tennessee - Muffler Man - Indian

Our third roadside attraction is another Pink Elephant..

9921 Madison, Tennessee - Pink Elephant

Then there was this Airplane Wing Sundial.  Good thing I have my new smart phone to tell me what time it is, I couldn’t make any sense of this sundials shadow.

9925 Hermitage,Tennessee - Hermitage Park Sundial sign 9928 Hermitage,Tennessee - Hermitage Park Airplane Wing Sundial 9931 Hermitage,Tennessee - Hermitage Park Airplane Wing Sundial

To see all of the photos that we took today, you can click on the link to our FLICKR site.

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