Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 32 Summer Vacation 2009

This morning we were awakened by loud banging and clanging as the lifeboat outside our window was being lowered to the water. Earlier this morning the ship anchored in the harbour of Sitka Alaska.

We had breakfast and then took the tender to shore and killed some time before our tour by walking along the main street.

4655 Sitka AK4662 MS Westerdam in Sitka AK4663 MS Westerdam in Sitka AK

4669 Sitka AK4672 Sitka AK4676 Sitka AK

Our tour today is Sea Life Discovery by Semi Sub. The vessel is rather unique, the bottom of the hull is made up of glass viewing windows, we sit along a bench and view the aquatic world through the windows. The water is full of green phyto plankton and algae, so it is rather hard to photograph anything through the glass and the green water, but we did see lots of fish, jellies, hermit crabs and sea cucumbers.

4690 Sea Life Discovery by Semi-Sub Sitka AK4711 Sea Life Discovery by Semi-Sub Sitka AK4752 Sea Life Discovery by Semi-Sub Sitka AK

Other things we saw were large sunflower starfish and leather starfish, eel grass and sea lettuce.

Coming back to the dock I went up on deck so that I could get some photos of our ship at anchor.

4785 MS Westerdam at Sitka AK4788 MS Westerdam at Sitka AK4795 MS Westerdam at Sitka AK

Back onboard the ship, we had a late lunch and then went up to the observation deck to relax and enjoy the scenery. We saw a seal swimming in the harbour.

4809 Seal in Harbour Sitka AK4810 Seal in Harbour Sitka AK

Tonight was formal night but we did not partake, instead we headed to the Lido Deck for a more casual dining experience.

To see all of the photos that I took today, you should visit my FLICKR site.

Tomorrow morning when we awake, we will be in Ketchikan Alaska.

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