Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 47 Summer Vacation 2009

Here is the map of our route for today.

Aug 21 2009 Map

Today we were in 4 States. We started the day in Madison Wisconsin. We drove out of Wisconsin and into Illinois. Driving through Chicago at noon was like driving on the 401 across the top of Toronto during 5 o’clock rush hour only worse, if you can imagine that. Anyways, we lived to tell the tale and I was happy to put Chicago behind us. Here are some photos that Karen took as we drove through Chicago IL.

7003 View from I 90 in Chicago IL7007 View from I 90 in Chicago IL

Soon after leaving Chicago behind us, we crossed over the State border into Indiana.

7023 I 90 Welcome to Indiana

And then over the State border into Michigan.

7024 I 94 Welcome to Michigan

We are here in Kalamazoo Michigan for the evening, and tomorrow we will drive the last stretch through Michigan, then cross the US / Canada Border and onwards to home.

You can see all of the photos that I took today on my FLICKR site.

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