Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 44 Summer Vacation 2009

Today is a day for relaxing and getting a few things accomplished such as laundry and a haircut.

We re-visited Wall Drug and had lunch and then wandered around through Wall Drug and the rest of Main Street.

6876 Wall Drug Wall SD6869 Wall Drug Cafe Wall SD

We took a few moments for a photo op sitting on the Wall Drug Jackalope.

6863 Backyard at Wall Drug Wall SD6865 Backyard at Wall Drug Wall SD6867  Backyard at Wall Drug Wall SD

We will be leaving Wall SD in the morning and we will start heading for home. We have seen so much and done so much over the last 44 days but it is time to start to think about getting home. Living out of a suitcase is getting tiring, eating in restaurants is getting to be a bore, the menus are all start looking the same and it is hard to decide what to eat that we haven’t eaten a few days earlier. Although we still have a few more weeks left in our vacation before returning to work, I really don’t think that there is anything much to see or do between here and home that will outshine what we are leaving behind us, so we might as well put the pedal to the floor and get home.

Not too many photos today, but if you wish to view them, they are on my FLICKR site.

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