Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 48 Summer Vacation 2009

We slept in a bit this morning, but we're on the road heading out of Kalamazoo Michigan by 9:30 am.

It was an uneventful drive through the rest of Michigan to the Port Huron / Sarnia border crossing.

Here are some photos of the Blue Water Bridge.

7025 Blue Water Bridge7028 Blue Water Bridge

Entering Canada was a breeze, there was only 1 car ahead of us, which is very rare and unusual. Typically, we have waited up to an hour in the line to get through customs. The Customs officials had 3 questions.. Where are we going, How long have we been gone and Where did we go while in the USA. He waved us through after I answered the questions.

We are back in Ontario.

7035 Welcome to Ontario

So that concludes our Summer 2009 Vacation, we certainly had a great time and enjoyed every moment. We got to see things and do things that we had never seen or done before. We have some ideas of what to do next summer, some places to come back to and explore some more. We learnt that we both like cruising, so I can see future cruises in our plans. I hope that you who followed along also learned a few things and saw some places that you would like to visit.

For those of you who like to know such things… here is the raw data, all figures have been calculated in Canadian Dollars.

Without the cost of the cruise, we were able to stay under our $200.00 per day budget.

Average daily cost = $194.76 Cdn.

Total KM = 12955 (8050 Miles)

Total Litres of Fuel Purchased = 950.4 (251.1 gal)

Total cost of fuel = 735.66 Cdn.

Average cost of Food per day = $37.63 Cdn.

Average cost of Hotel per day = 72.05 Cdn.

If you calculate in the cost of the cruise to Alaska and the shore excursions, it blows the $200.00 per day budget out of the water, but it was a chance of a lifetime and a wonderful cruise.

Average Daily Cost including the cruise = $289.81 Cdn

Total number of photos taken = 5181

Our next scheduled vacation is back to South Padre Island Texas this winter, so watch for blog updates when we start that vacation.

To see the photos that I took today, you can click on the link to my FLICKR site.

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