Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 45 Summer Vacation 2009

We left Wall SD at 9am and headed East on I-90. We are heading for home via the Interstates rather than the back roads. Sticking to the Interstates you don’t get to experience much of what I call Main Street America, but we did take an hour or so to get off the Interstate and stop for a visit at The Corn Palace in Mitchell SD.

The Corn Palace exterior is decorated with murals created by the use of corn cobs and other grasses and grains. Each year there is a theme chosen for the murals and they are all re-done. As it happened, this years theme is America’s Destinations.. As you know, last summer and this summer we visited some of America’s well known destinations and it was fun to point at the murals and say “we were there”.

6894 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6891 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6899 Corn Palace Mitchell SD

Here are the murals of the places that we have been.

6900 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6901 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6903 Corn Palace Mitchell SD

6904 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6906 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6907 Corn Palace Mitchell SD

6908 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6910 Corn Palace Mitchell SD6911 Corn Palace Mitchell SD

It would be interesting to watch one of these murals being created, how many cobs of corn go into a mural…. Here is a close up photo so that you can see the individual cobs.

6913 Corn Palace Mitchell SD

After leaving the Corn Palace we continued along I-90 to our hotel for this evening.

Here is a map of the route we drove today.

Aug 19

Also today we crossed over another State Border as we left South Dakota and entered into Minnesota. Here is the Welcome to Minnesota sign and a new States Visited map.

6945 Welcome to Minnesota


We have not visited Colorado or North Dakota, perhaps next summer we will come back this way and visit those two States. We also have not visited anywhere along the East Coast.. could that be next summers destination… We will start thinking about next summer as soon as we get home and unpacked from this summers vacation.

There are more photos of the Corn Palace and other things on my FLICKR site.

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