Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 9 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 9 Tuesday July 15 2008

Today we are leaving Flagstaff Arizona and heading for Sedona Arizona. One of our friends recommended that if we were in this part of Arizona, that we should go and see Sedona. I now know why he recommended it so highly.

We took the Oak Creek Canyon Road, South out of Flagstaff. It begins by passing through thick pine forests for about 10 miles before descending suddenly and spectacularly into Oak Creek Canyon. The road is a fun scenic drive, with lots of switchbacks and a new and breathtaking view around every bend. The Oak Creek Canyon is the second most visited area in Arizona, after the Grand Canyon. The town of Sedona is situated at the southern end of the canyon where the cliffs open out into other canyons and an extensive, scenic red-rock wilderness in all directions.

There is a wonderful overlook pull off area that has lots of parking and beautiful views looking down into the Canyon. There are native vendors set up to sell their wares, also there is a visitors center and washrooms. From the overlook, you can see the switchback road as it curves downward into the canyon. In the first photo you can see 3 different levels of the road The second photo is looking down on the road at the very bottom of the canyon. It is a good thing that I have a powerful zoom lens or that motorhome would have looked like an ant.

As you start to enter into Sedona, the canyon opens up and you start to see the red rock formations that Sedona is so well known for. Each rock formation has its own name, based on the shape of the formation. There is Cathedral Rock, Snoopy Rock, Steamboat Rock etc etc etc.

This picture is of Cathedral Rock

Every view and vista is breathtaking. My camera can't capture the beauty of this area, so if you have never been, you must go.

Our yellow car really shows off how red the landscape is.

Click on Sedona or Oak Creek Canyon if you want to learn more about this area of Arizona.

You can see all of our photos that we took today on my Flickr site

Tomorrow we are going to check out The Verde Canyon aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad.

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