Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 18 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 18 Thursday July 24 2008

We had to do some back tracking this morning. Yesterday we ran out of time and we had reservations in Holbrook, so we had to skip Winslow Arizona.
This morning we are heading back to Winslow and checking out that famous corner that the Eagles sang about. You know the song Taking it Easy. The Eagles immortalized this corner for ever in their song.

After standing on the corner we checked out the gift shop and bought the requisite t-shirts and postcards, we got back on Route 66 heading East.

Next stop was Jack Rabbit Arizona, a very popular Route 66 stop. There are signs all along Route 66 pointing you to the Jack Rabbit. A great photo op with the giant jack rabbit.

You can see that Route 66 is a little less travelled in this area, the grass growing up between the cracks in the pavement are a tell tale sign of how little this road is driven.

Geronimo Arizona and the Geronimo Trading Post. There are a lot of trading posts in this neck of the woods. They have a great outdoor display of old rusting farm and ranch wagons etc.

We are now back in Holbrook to check out a few things. Such as the WigWam Motel. Have you ever slept in a WigWam ? We haven’t either, but this place is open for business.

We had lunch at Joe and Aggies in Holbrook, another highly recommended stop for anyone travelling Route 66.

Karen and I have been thinking about buying a mobile home, it would make our road trips so much easier by not having to check into a hotel each evening. We had to stop and take a closer look at this mobile home, a little too rustic for our tastes, but still, it was pretty cool.

We came up to a dirt section of Route 66 between Holbrook and Chambers AZ. It looked a little too muddy, and not wanting to get stuck, we had to get back onto the Interstate for a few miles.

We did find a section of dirt 66 that was driveable near the Querino Canyon High Bridge.

Back on solid concrete again this picture shows you just how close the Interstate is to Route 66.

I prefer when you are on Route 66 and the Interstate is nowhere near you. It gives you a sense of what it must have been like back before the Interstates were built.

We have arrived in Gallup New Mexico and will spend the evening here.

You can check out all of our photos from today by visiting my FLICKR website.

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