Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 22 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 22 Monday July 28 2008

Today we are going to drive from Amarillo Texas to Clinton Oklahoma. It is only about 300 KM distance, but it is going to take us most of the day because there is so much to stop and see along the way.

July 28

First photo op is what is billed as “The Largest Cross In the Western Hemisphere” I am glad that they didn’t claim it to be the largest cross in the world, because I am sure that I saw one as large, or maybe larger somewhere in Georgia last winter.

5 Rte 66 Groom TX

Then it was on to Groom Texas where we found this water tower about ready to topple over on its side.

8 Rte 66 Britten TX

It is really not going to topple over because it was designed this way to attract tourists into what once was a service center on Route 66 in Britten OK. The service center is long gone, but this water tower is a great photo op.
Then there was Jerico Gap another mud / dirt section of Route 66, needless to say we didn’t want to get the car stuck or dirty, so it was back out onto the Interstate for a few miles.

11 Rte 66 Jerico Gap TX
Allenreed Texas was next, then McLean Texas. If you are curious about why barbed wire was invented or how it is made, this is the place to learn everything and anything about barbed wire, or Devil’s Rope as they call it around here. The building also houses a very good Route 66 museum. Visit the Devil’s Rope and Route 66 Museum while in McLean Texas.
29 Rte 66 McLean TX
McLean TX also has a very well restored Phillips 66 gas station.
61 Rte 66 McLean TX
We found a section of Route 66 between McLean and Shamrock TX that still had its original 1930 concrete. This 1930 concrete was in better shape than most other roads we have driven on in either the USA or Canada.
70 Rte 66 Orig 1930 Concrete btwn McLean & Shamrock TX
The U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, but of course it is no longer an Inn, it is now the Chamber of Commerce Building and Tourist Center. It was closed today, and we are going to come across a few other Route 66 must see places that are closed today. Monday is not a good day if you want things to be open.
75 Rte 66 U-Drop Inn Shamrock TX
Closed… The Sand Hills Curiosity Shop in Erick Oklahoma. We really had hoped to meet the owners, Harley and Annabell. They have their own blog so you can stay up to date on their antics. The store front was a good photo op though for our car.
82 Rte 66 Sand Hills Curiosity Shop - Erick OK
This is one of the few places in America where you can actually see Rednecks work and play in their own environment. Insanity at its Finest. Too bad they were closed.
85 Rte 66 Sand Hills Curiosity Shop - Erick OK
Next stop was the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City Oklahoma
95 Rte 66 National Route 66 Museum - Elk City OK
We spent several hours here, because not only is there the Route 66 Museum, but there is also an Old Town Museum where there are replica buildings and displays of an old town. There is a Transportation Museum, a Train Depot, and a Farm and Ranch Museum. Lots to see and do here in Elk City OK.
181 Rte 66 Elk City OK
It is time to head for our hotel in Clinton Oklahoma, it has been a long day jumping in and out of the car, visiting museums and taking photos. Here is one of my favourite photos from today.. This shows Route 66 following the contours of the land and over to the left is the Interstate. We are the only car on Route 66 for as far as the eye can see.
191 Rte 66 btwn Foss & Clinton OK
To see all 191 of our photos from today, you can click on the link to my FLICKR site.

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